Three decades of experience has taught us that for many people, traditional orthodontic solutions, such as metal braces, can be visually unappealing. For this reason, and because our aim is to put a confident smile on your face as soon as you start treatment with us, we specialise in the very latest in orthodontic care – Invisalign teeth straightening. In fact, we are very proud of our status as the ONLY Invisalign Diamond Provider in the Hills District.

Invisalign is a practically invisible treatment that avoids the self-consciousness and hygiene issues often associated with traditional teeth straightening techniques. In short, it’s orthodontics without the braces – which is why over 4.5 million people around the world are already smiling about it.

Invisalign consists of clear, removable aligners, which gradually straighten the teeth, without the need for the metal wires or brackets. This allows the aligners to be removed with ease and the teeth to be cleaned thoroughly.

Created using 3D imaging and the world’s most advanced digital orthodontic technology, Invisalign aligners are perfectly tailored to your teeth to achieve optimum results.

You may expect an innovative treatment like this to come at a premium price, but Invisalign costs the same as regular braces.


The SmileView simulation tool uses powerful technology to provide you with a computer-generated simulation of how your smile might look like with straighter teeth.

Discover how Invisalign works

3 easy steps can put you on the path to your brand-new smile.

Invisalign treatment process

The most advanced clear aligner system, proven by over 8 million satisfied smiles.


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Another advantage of Invisalign is its speed. When used in conjunction with the Propel Pro5 hands-free orthodontic device, treatment typically takes around 40% less time than traditional teeth straightening procedures. The Propel Pro5 uses gentle vibrations to safely and effectively stimulate and speed up tooth movement, with just 5 minutes of use a day helping you to reach your new smile much sooner.

Brace5’s Dr John Mamutil is the leading Invisalign Specialist in the Hills area, having received the Lifetime Achievement award at Hobart Invisalign conference in 2017, so when it comes to creating your new smile, you couldn’t be in better hands.


The Invisalign System has many advantages over traditional braces in moving you to the best version of yourself.

Better Results

4.5 million satisfied smiles and counting.

World’s most advanced digital orthodontic treatment.

Precise, predictable and gradual teeth movement.

Fits Your Lifestyle

Frees up your schedule with less visits to the clinic.

The clear aligners are virtually invisible, meaning you can always smile confidently.

Enjoy your favourite food anytime.

Better Oral Health

You can brush and floss as usual for good oral health.

Invisalign aligners are removable so you can clean them to maintain oral hygiene.

Ready for the clear alternative to braces?

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