The modern, painless way to a natural smile

Many people fear that orthodontic work to ‘fix’ their smile will require painful removal of teeth. For some, it’s also the reason they delay, or avoid, the process of putting their smile back on track. While extraction may once have been commonplace, and other orthodontists may have even mentioned it to you, modern techniques have completely transformed the field of orthodontics – and Brace5’s adoption of the latest technology means that you can experience the most comfortable and effective teeth straightening procedures available anywhere in the world.

At Brace5 we practice non-extraction orthodontics, which means that we use more advanced techniques to achieve the best outcomes without the need to remove any teeth.

By using modern, fully removable appliances that gently remodel the jaw bones to accommodate the realigned teeth, we are able to help patients comfortably and painlessly achieve natural-looking smiles.

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Our experienced team will make getting your new smile a painless and enjoyable experience.