Dr Gustavo Vivaldi

Dr Vivaldi completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2001 and his Masters in Orthodontics in 2004, both in renowned institutions in Brazil. He opened his private practice in 2001, which he operated successfully until 2013 when he moved to Australia with his family. Dr Vivaldi was delighted to be granted his general dental registration in Australia.

Dr Vivaldi has over 16 years of orthodontic experience. During that time he has undertaken further Post-Graduate studies, including a Mini-Residency in Orthodontics at the University of Michigan. In addition to practicing fixed orthodontics, he has spent the last 14 years studying and developing his knowledge and skills in treating complex cases with Invisalign.

In 2012, as one of the top Invisalign Doctors in Brazil, Dr Vivaldi was invited to visit the primary Invisalign® facility in Costa Rica. Shortly after, that he founded the first study group in South America in this field, achieving a prominent position within the Invisalign® community in Brazil, where he has become an Invisalign® presenter.

In 2018, Dr Vivaldi founded The Ortho Partners with the aim of sharing his knowledge and expertise to help doctors around the world.

Dr Vivaldi is an Invisalign Diamond doctor.

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