Online selfie check up for current patients

At Brace5 Orthodontics, we are looking out for the wellbeing of both you and our community. During these unprecedented circumstances, we are endeavouring to make your appointments flexible, offering the option to email us your selfies instead of coming in for a check-up. You can do this when you are due for your next check-up or anytime if you have any particular concerns.

  1. Ask a friend/family member to take 6 pictures of your smile. This keeps your hands free to show your teeth as displayed below (use your fingers to pull your cheeks out of the way)
  2. Email these photos to [email protected] OR place a submission below along with your current Aligner/Retainer number, your name and detailing any particular concerns
  3. We will reply with any instructions where required, including whether you are due to pick up a new set of aligners/retainers and how to do so

Good oral hygiene is essential, particularly as we are not able to regularly check your teeth, brush 2x day, rinse your mouth after meals and floss regularly.

Always remember to wash your hands before placing and removing your aligners/retainers or elastics. Good hand hygiene helps stop the spread of COVID-19.


Aligner patients

Continue to wear your aligners well.

If you notice they are not fitting well and there is an air gap, use chewies (biting and holding for 10sec all around) and you may also slow down your next aligner changeover by a few days until they are fitting well.


Retainer patients

Continue to wear your retainers well at night.

If you notice they are not fitting well and there is an air gap, wear full time for 7 days and use chewies intermittently. Once they do fit, you may return to nightly wear.


Braces patients

Your braces will continue to straighten your teeth all day and night. Continue wearing elastics if directed. We will be able to advance your treatment (including removal) once we reopen.

Don’t eat any forbidden fruit that can cause breakages.

Send us an online selfie if you have any concerns.

Photo Examples

Front view of your teeth with aligners in and teeth slightly apart

Top view of the teeth

Bottom view of the teeth

Left side view of the teeth

Front view without aligners

Right side view of the teeth

UPLOAD YOUR SELFIES (current patients only)

One of our friendly staff will contact you if required.

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