About Us

Your family dentist is not an orthodontist.

A specialist orthodontist has years of additional education in gaining a Masters degree in Dentistry. It’s that extra training that makes an orthodontist a specialist in treating all sorts of dental and jaw discrepancies.

Dr John Mamutil graduated from the University of Sydney with both a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree; and a Master of Dental Surgery degree in Orthodontics.

Dr Mamutil has been a qualified and successful orthodontist for over 27 years. In that time he has treated thousands of satisfied patients with many different dental and jaw conditions. Working exclusively as an orthodontist, Dr Mamutil has massive experience essential to providing you with the best treatment, and the peace of mind that goes with it.

Dr Mamutil established Brace5 Orthodontics in 1990, and it’s become a fixture in the Hills area – in fact today, Dr Mamutil is even treating the children of a number of his former patients.

This experience, training and expertise has been recognised not only by generations of loyal patients, but also within the industry. Brace5 is one of a select number of Australian practices certified by Invisalign as a Platinum Elite Provider, in recognition of the highest level of experience.    ..and in May 2017 was recognized by Invisalign as the most most experienced Invisalign practitioner in the Hills (in fact this side of Sydney).

Orthodontics is a dynamic field, with continual advances in technology and technique. Dr Mamutil has always been at the forefront, and often a pioneer in his field. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise:

  • Registrar in Orthodontics at Westmead Hospital as a post-graduate.
  • Established his orthodontic practice in the Hills in 1990.
  • Developed the very first Australian commercial head X-ray analysis program as a post-graduate, and one of the very first to use 3D X-rays in 2006.
  • Has lectured widely on the use of technology in orthodontics.
  • A leading and esteemed provider of the Invisalign treatment, as well as Propel.
  • Registered as a Specialist Orthodontist with the Dental Board.